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dr rcl mathewson

dr sarah ruck

dr jon evans

dr david williams

dr sarah davies

dr noshaba ahmed

dr rebecca hollingworth


practice manager


paula davies




rita bowden

susan melvil




trisha sykes

karen done

charlene whittaker

joanne leigh

laura higginbottom


healthcare assistant


eileen dunning

charlene whittaker


practice nurses


sarah bollard

joanne wright




kay hebden




sarah tramard



dr mathewson

bob mathewson graduated from manchester university in 1977 he has had over 35 years experience as a gp he has a special interest in care of the elderly, cardiovascular disease, and cholesterol management and those who suffer from long term conditions he also performs minor operations and uses cryotherapy to treat viral warts - he works monday tuesday and thursday

dr evans

jon evans graduated from manchester university in 1994 he has worked in general practice for nearly 20 years he has a special interests in sports medicine, joint injections, mental health, medical ethics, and gp education jon is part time working mondays tuesdays and wednesdays

dr williams

david williams retired from full time general practice in 2014 having graduated in 1972 from manchester university he comes here now on a friday but also does locums when other doctors are on holiday david is interested in respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD, he also performs minor surgical procedures and fits contraceptive coils

dr ruck

sarah ruck graduated from nottingham university in 1994 and has been practicing as a gp for almost 20 years she has special interests in womens health and care of the elderly she works part time on  tuesdays and wednesdays and thursdays

dr ahmed

noshaba ahmed joined us in september 2019  noshaba has a special interest in diabetes and women's health including coil and implant insertion she also gives joint injections and performs minor surgery - she works fridays

sarah davies is our newest recruit whom graduated from manchester university in 2003 - she works all day on a monday sarah has a special interst in functional medicine which she practices privately in a separate clinic in the medical centre

dr hollingworth

rebecca hollingworth is our most recent recruit rebecca has a special interest in rheumatology and joint injections health rebecca works on thursdays

sister sarah bollard

sarah is now our senior practice nurse having worked at high lane medical centre for 8 years she has special interests in diabetes and asthma and assists in procedures such as minor surgery and coil fitting

sister joanne wright

joanne is newly recruited and is quickly settling to her new role and getting to know us all - patients included she has previously worked in stepping hill hospital intensive care unit so we should all feel safe in her care

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