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covid and 'flu vaccination programme autumn 2023

we are starting 'flu vaccinations on saturday 23rd september - you can either phone in and book or wait for a communication any of text email or letter whichever preference we have for you on record 

we would like to offer covid vaccines as well but so far we have not received any allocation of covid vaccine so we are going to go ahead with 'flu vaccination and will call patients back for covid vaccines when they become available

if you only want a 'flu jab and not a covid jab or if you want a flu vaccine separate to the covid vaccine please accept your invitation when it comes 

if you want both vaccines at the same time we will get in touch when we have both in stock - you don't need to do anything else just now


please keep an eye out for further on your preferred media or check on this site for more updates

have a good autumn and stay healthy!









            National GP Patient Survey Results August 2022


High Lane Medical Centre top in England!


I’d like to express my deep gratitude on behalf of the practice to all our patients especially those of you who gave us such magnificent and unreserved support in the recent GP Survey of Patients views of their General Practice published in August 2022

High Lane Medical Centre came an incredibly first out of some 6400+ practices over the whole of England!

We came top 4 years ago within Greater Manchester and thought that that couldn’t be repeated so it was an absolute shock to see that we not only came best in the Northwest but nationally as well

You supported us by the answers you gave but also voted in numbers well beyond the national average by a considerable way

Thank you indeed – we now have set the bar high and will continue to strive to maintain our level of service and improve systems as they come and evolve where we can

I’d also like to thank all our staff who day by day continue to work tirelessly in a friendly professional manner which supports the practice magnificently No dragon managers or receptionists here thank goodness!

We hope and expect that other practices will approach us and seek to emulate what it is that we do to achieve success and in essence that means removing barriers and remembering what we are here for which is not to hide behind waiting lists and rules but to serve our patients in ways that makes their life easier

If you'd like to see the details of the survey to see how we did and how we compare with practices elsewhere please click here


bob mathewson

covid and flu vaccination programme Autumn 2022

vaccinations begin week commencing 12th September 2022 with those in care homes and those housebound

the next group will be those over 75 with eldest called first 

our first flu vaccines will be administered on saturday 1st october 2022

please watch this space for further information

covid and flu clinics


dr bob mathewson dr jon evans  dr sarah ruck dr david williams dr sarah davies dr noshaba ahmed and dr rebecca hollingworth welcome you to  high lane medical centre website. high lane medical centre is situated in purpose built premises, in the centre of high lane, stockport, south manchester. we are committed to offering comprehensive primary healthcare services to all of our patients. please explore this site by clicking the buttons at the top and by clicking on red text. come back soon to find out our news.RichText.

corona virus covid19

if you are unwell and you think you may be suffering from corona virus it is very important that do not come into the medical centre but follow the advise published on public health england website or telephone nhs direct on 111 for up to date advise that advise is likely to change frequently so bookmark that page and check regularly

emergency care

you are entitled to phone 999 if you have a life threatening incident otherwise you should phone the medical centre otherwise you should phone 111 NHS helpline and they will advise you how to manage your problem

urgent care

if your problem is of a less serious nature you can phone 111 for advise or the medical centre both of whom will be able to advise you how you can be helped - that might include making an appointment in the medical centre rather than going to A&E

accountable gp

all patients now need to have a named GP - by default anyone who does not already have a named GP are allocated to Dr Mathewson - if you wish you can cange your allocated GP at any time to any doctor who regulary works in the medical centre by asking at reception or contacting the practice manager paula davies


if you require a chaparone during a consultation or an examination with either a doctor or a nurse you may bring a freind or a relative with you - if you would like an extra member of our staff to be present please ask - if we cannot provide someone straight away we will arrange a further appointment with you at a mutually convenient time

childrens access

if your child is ill and under 5 years of age we have a policy of seeing your child the same day - please phone as early in the day as possible if you think you might want to use this service - please use this service responsibly

a new virtual pateint particpation group is being formed on facebook to read about and to participate if youwould like to please click on the following link high lane medical centre

travel clinic

we have a practice based travel clinic which caters for many immunisation needs including diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis a, hepatitis b, typhoid and malaria prophylaxis - if you require yellow fever, rabies, japanese encephalitis, or pneumococcal b "total travel" private travel clinic whom operate from the same building will be able to assist you

NHS england have decided that by default your gp record will be available to any healt care provider you may be in contact with - you can opt out ot the information sharing but you need to sign an opt out form once signed you need to return it to the medical centre either in person or by e-mail to  so that we can record you wishes and prevent the sharing of your health information

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