flu vaccinations autumn/ winter 20/21


due to corona virus this year’s deployment of ‘flu vaccinations will necessarily be different - we will be offering the same service as in previous years but deployed in an appropriately different way


please bear with us during these clinics as this is our first ‘flu campaign after the presence of covid 19 and we apologize in advance for any shortcomings in the delivery of this service


PLEASE don’t be impatient particularly with our staff whom will be doing their best to get you through our system as safely, quickly, and efficiently as possible


please don’t come early or late and only bring someone with you if that is essential or if they have been invited to have a vaccination with us as well


if you need to you can rearrange your ‘flu vaccination appointment please don’t “just turn up” at one of our other clinics – it’s best to phone us after 2.00pm to rearrange


-           normal face covering rules will apply so please wear a mask or other face covering

-           please observe the 1 metre plus distancing rule

-           wear as few layers of clothing as you can so it doesn’t take long to expose an arm for your vaccination

-           there will be little seating (unless in an emergency) – if you can’t stand for lengthy periods please let us know so that we can book you in for an alternative session which will be either a car park vaccination or one at home according to need

-           there will be a “one-way” traffic system through the building – please come in via the main entrance and expect to leave by the side door, with steps, or the back door via a ramp


finally, with respect to the near future there are high hopes of a corona virus vaccination becoming available to the general public. if and when it does it is highly likely that that will be delivered to our patients in exactly the same way as this season’s ‘flu vaccination


we expect supplies at the beginning will be limited so we will prioritize the distribution of these according to guidance from public health england which will be distributed at the time of distribution of the new vaccine

we encourage all of our patients whom are invited for a ‘flu vaccination to take up the offer as it is likely with short supplies those who do will have some priority over those who don’t


get vaccinated, keep safe, and save the nhs!

breaking news about corona virus covid19

friday 3rd April patient advice - covid 19 pandemic


we understand that it is a difficult time for everyone, as we adjust to different ways of working


to help us help you we would be grateful if you follow the advice and guidance below before ringing or emailing the practice:


all appointments will be via telephone, or video, with face-to-face appointments only when absolutely necessary this is to protect you and us from unnecessary risk by attending the practice


we will make sure you get the medication you need but :-

we can’t easily issue prescriptions early or give you more “just in case” - pharmacies are struggling with staffing and demand, and are working as fast as they can please be patient if you need to wait longer than normal.


if you have asthma we can’t easily give you an inhaler because you had one “a few years ago”, lots of people need these inhalers and if you get one ‘just in case’ others might not be able to get one that they really need


to help issue your prescriptions as quickly as possible we ask patients to enrol for on-line services or use the nhs app  


if you have been told to self-isolate because of corona virus, and you need a note for your employer, you can complete an on-line isolation note.


to find out whether you should or shouldn’t self-isolate please follow government guidance the government has written to some patients whom are “clinically extremely vulnerable”  to advise self-isolation for 12 weeks If you haven’t received a letter but think you are “clinically extremely vulnerable” and should self-isolate check self-register on the government website


stay safe                     stay at home                       save the nhs                        save lives

monday 23rd march


following a government  announcement this evening of a “lock-down” together with a diminishing number of staff capable of work we are restricting medical services for most problems to telephone and internet services only

from 8.00am tuesday 24th march our premises will be restricted  to urgencies only – we will however do our best to advise patients how to access healthcare and get prescriptions and sick notes remotely

please don’t come to the surgery without contacting us first we will get back to you but this may not be the same day we will priorities our work according to need – particularly we are keen to see that the newborn are protected against preventable illness so it is a priority to see that our children receive their vaccinations and receive them on time

lots of problems can be managed remotely so we will continue to triage calls to help you manage as many problems as we can. Lots of problems are self-limiting however if your symptoms  aren’t taking a course as expected do seek advise

if you develop symptoms which may be coronavirus infection there is a new service set up by mastercall which you can access through our services or nhs 111 so if you have a high temperature new cough headache chills and a loss of taste or smell you should contact nhs 111 or phone us for referral onto the appropriate services

we hope that this emergency situation is short lived and we ask for your patience in adversity

finally please be considerate to our reception staff whom are, as always, are doing their best to help you

friday 13th march 2020



as the corona virus pandemic is spreading rapidly across the uk and we are starting with cases in stockport, high lane medical centre, as a practice has met and agreed how we need to respond in the best interests of our patients.


we have decided that we need to work differently to protect the most vulnerable of our patients i.e. the elderly (over 70 years of age ) and those with significant long term conditions such as Heart disease, lung disease , diabetes, and those with reduced immunity


temporarily from monday 16th march we will no longer be offering open untriaged appointments to see a doctor or a nurse instead we will be operating a triage system whereby all patients seeking medical advice will be asked questions to determine how they can be best assisted with a view to bringing the fewest number of patients to the medical centre. at this stage we don’t  want to discourage any patients from using our services be it an urgent matter or something long standing  instead we will try and manage patient differently ,where we can, without coming for face to face consultations

to broaden the means of consultation we are happy to receive e-mail, also, we are about to introduce  video consultations via smart phone technology if that is mutually considered to be better than telephoning


as a patient you can expect a receptionist to take some details about the nature of your problem and if it  you need  it a doctor or nurse will phone you back to assist

those with likely viral infections should try and manage their symptoms at home preferably in isolation for seven days  – if symptoms don’t take the expected course advise can be found on the nhs 111 website https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/nhs-services/urgent-and-emergency-care/nhs-111/  which should be the first point of contact for advise specific to viral infections


those with respiratory infections whom we agree to see at the medical centre will be asked to stay in their cars when they arrive in our car park and will need to phone reception on a dedicated number to announce their arrival – when a clinician is ready he or she will escort you into the building


as the pandemic spreads we may have to restrict our care to urgent matters only but that very much depends on workload and our ability to maintain staffing levels – as this is unpredictable at this stage we will post on here any change in our advice as the pandemic evolves


we thank you for your support and understanding at this mutually difficult time


Further advise about corona virus is found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

contact details



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high lane








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corona virus covid19

if you are unwell and you think you may be suffering from corona virus it is very important that do not come into the medical centre but follow the advise published on public health england website or telephone nhs direct on 111 for up to date advise that advise is likely to change frequently so bookmark that page and check regularly

emergency care

you are entitled to phone 999 if you have a life threatening incident otherwise you should phone the medical centre otherwise you should phone 111 NHS helpline and they will advise you how to manage your problem

urgent care

if your problem is of a less serious nature you can phone 111 for advise or the medical centre both of whom will be able to advise you how you can be helped - that might include making an appointment in the medical centre rather than going to A&E

accountable gp

all patients now need to have a named GP - by default anyone who does not already have a named GP are allocated to Dr Mathewson - if you wish you can cange your allocated GP at any time to any doctor who regulary works in the medical centre by asking at reception or contacting the practice manager paula davies


if you require a chaparone during a consultation or an examination with either a doctor or a nurse you may bring a freind or a relative with you - if you would like an extra member of our staff to be present please ask - if we cannot provide someone straight away we will arrange a further appointment with you at a mutually convenient time

childrens access

if your child is ill and under 5 years of age we have a policy of seeing your child the same day - please phone as early in the day as possible if you think you might want to use this service - please use this service responsibly

a new virtual pateint particpation group is being formed on facebook to read about and to participate if youwould like to please click on the following link high lane medical centre

travel clinic

we have a practice based travel clinic which caters for many immunisation needs including diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis a, hepatitis b, typhoid and malaria prophylaxis - if you require yellow fever, rabies, japanese encephalitis, or pneumococcal b "total travel" private travel clinic whom operate from the same building will be able to assist you

NHS england have decided that by default your gp record will be available to any healt care provider you may be in contact with - you can opt out ot the information sharing but you need to sign an opt out form once signed you need to return it to the medical centre either in person or by e-mail to pills@hlmc.co.uk  so that we can record you wishes and prevent the sharing of your health information

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